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THERE IS NO BULLSHIT - A Writing From Nick Hawk, After His Kundalini Awakening At Burning Man

December 5, 2019



Here is a paid email response to one of my clients who may have inspired possibly my most profound short writing ever. Enjoy.

After another good meditation, some crying and losing a homie who was beaten down by this world and couldn't find help in time last week, I made a big decision; I will no longer be mad at this pathetic world we live in. Once I did not know better. There is no greed, evil or bullshit. There is only ignorance and confusion. The ones with the money making the hell we live in, I feel for the most. I know how they suffer and hurt.

Noone is genuinely out to get anyone. Yes, wrap your head around that. Everything that isn't real is stemmed from fear and confusion, which makes it disingenuous. Genuineness is the only stuff that matters in this world. The rest is just distraction and pointless confusion.

During Burning Man, the thought/epiphany that I carried with me throughout after my Kundalini awakenings was, "there is no bullshit." It went even deeper than my "nobody is bad or crazy" wisdom. I obtained much information from the universe when I entered my intense meditations. I pleasantly found out that I'm definetly on the right track with my beliefs and approach to "enlightenment." People who attempt to bullshit and lie do not. It's impossible to do so. It is fuled from being mislead. When you are going in the wrong direction, you do not know better, therefore you are not bullshit, you are lost and confused. You can not harm someone or take from them and feel good about it, so it is not real. There are no lies, only confusion. Anything we may think is machevious, evil or fake isn't. It doesn't exist. There is no evil. There aren't any intelligent beings causing harm. There isn't any negativity that fuels us. It only weakens us if we allow it. There are unlucky people who have been ignorantly beat down and mislead. There are people who were taught greed opposed to how to love. We do not have a choice in this world until we operate at the highest levels. I see through everyone now. I see where their suffering and pain comes from and why they may choose to harm someone else or bring them down. They lack direction. They pretend to be oblivious to the harm it causes them. They're clueless that the person they are doing it to is them. We are all the same being living infinite lives. The "bad" and "evil" in this world does not matter. It is not relevant. It does not exist. It is never rewarded or justified. We need to be taught this. This world lacks guidance. We need to spread these messages. We are raising our consciousness together. It wasn't until recently that few of us could comprehend these words. Please do your best to do so, I need some help.


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