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December 8, 2017


It’s really unfortunate that there are extremely lost and confused people out there in the world bringing others down. I do not believe there are bad, or even “crazy,” people, only lost and confused people. We’re all good people, and I’m positive, people with a healthy brain do not want to see other people suffer. Scientists have even recently concluded that basic human nature is compassionate. If we don’t experience or have someone showing us how to be healthy and that compassion and love, opposed to terror, makes us feel good, then how would we ever know?


It has been reported that the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas was the deadliest mass shooting in America with at least 58 deaths. What really would drive a man to commit this heinous act? How about a shitty life mixed with antipsychotic drugs. The shooter, Stephen Paddock, was prescribed them, reported the Las Vegas Review-Journal. When I found out about the shooting, I immediately tweeted, “I’m safe in Texas. I’d put money on shitty parents and antidepressants. Wake up world!” The two biggest problems we face as a society are: kids are having kids and the disgusting and crippling pharmaceutical industry. I tried these “magic pills,” and I know many other users, and everyone comes to the same conclusion - they’re worthless, and they destroy you, and now there’s an abundance of research and studies that have proven this as well. This isn’t stopping the trillion dollar global giant with their million dollar marketing campaigns targeting these people. Gross. I’ve now coached many clients off of these bogus pills, and not one has looked back. Most of them send me consistent thank you notes of how the cloud has been lifted and how their life, once again, has meaning.


There’s a formula for being, happy and confident. You must: #1, make the decision that you want to be happy and confident; #2, know that you can change; #3, start reprogramming your brain to change. Every morning, when you wake up, you need to remind yourself to be the person you decided you’re changing into. You must understand you have a choice to be in control. You must catch yourself when you fail and then analyze what happened. You must see the glass half-full. You must find what you’re passionate about, and you must make plans that excite you and to which you can look forward.


Hopefully, we get our shit together sooner than later. Everything in our life is controlled and regulated. You even have to go to your drug dealer, aka doctor, to get these pills that fucking dull you, steal your soul and make you think and do fucked up shit. Having children should definitely be regulated. You do not have any business bringing a person into this world until you can prove you’re capable of handling the world yourself; minimally an age restriction needs to go into effect. Most of us bestow uncertainty and ignorance into our youth that turns into fear. We give people undeserving support and cheap laughs for making fun of someone who is trying something new instead of motivating them to keep going. Confidence is a skill that most people lack because it’s rarely taught and developed.

We cannot allow these horrendous acts to discourage us even more. There are many shitty and lost people in this world. Don’t be one of them. Don’t allow confusion to grow fear, animosity and hate inside of you. Rid yourself of all of the pointless emotions. Don’t lose yourself, even more, to bullshit prescription pills. Figure out how to love yourself, and treat yourself like you do. Children will not fill your void; self-development and understanding will. Stop worrying about unpreventable shit and live your life. It is the lost and confused who are bringing you down— anyone one with any worth will not.

I want to leave you with a kick from my book, Nick Hawk’s 100 Kicks In The Ass: A Guide To Gaining Confidence & Reaching Your Full-Potential:





“We really need to make an attempt to understand people, instead of dismissing them.”

– Nick Hawk


There are zero benefits from being cold to someone. It does not make you feel better. It does absolutely nothing beneficial for the situation, and it eats at you, forever. You will hold the bad energy you created; it will continue to transpire and become a habit. It’s not worth it. You may even do it for it for a selfish reason; nobody will care. Just don’t do it because you’re scared and unsure how to act. Warmness should be your go-to.


If a human was walking down a busy street and lost his or her entire memory, besides the ability to walk and was punched by the next 100 people he or she passed, how do you think this person would treat the 101st person? What if this person was hugged by those 100 people instead? That 101st person would probably get a much different greeting. We are a product of our environment. None of us are born different or special. There are not bad people in this world. There are only lost people, people who were abused and people who didn’t have proper guidance. We cannot properly communicate love until we learn what it is. We’re all good, and we all want to love. Few of us know how to. Criminals are like undeveloped children. Most have been beaten, sexually assaulted and drugged by the pharmaceutical companies. Do you know that almost every famous mass murderer was abused and on some type of anti-anxiety or anti-depressant pill? Wake the fuck up.


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