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‘Gigolos’ star Nick Hawk: Is it time to move on from the Showtime series?

July 29, 2016




Editor’s Note: Since the premiere of GIGOLOS on Showtime in 2011, the provocative TV series has elicited outrage and made headlines with the antics of the handsome hunks headquartered here in Las Vegas. One of GIGOLOS’ most-talked-about stars is Nick Hawk, and today we get a peek at the life of a gigolo on and off camera.


By Nick Hawk


After hustling my butt off my entire life, including a four-year active duty Air Force tour, an English major/journalism minor, launching my business, five years of acting, improv classes, dance classes, vocal training, learning instruments and music production and auditioning, I was faced with the greatest, to this day, decision of my life in 2010.


My entire life I was drawn to entertaining. I didn’t crave attention; I craved excitement. We are a very unproductive society when it comes to thinking outside the box and developing our creativity. I have “create” tattooed on my finger and “amuse me” on my arm as reminders.


Half my body is covered in art, I’ve developed and starred in male revues, I have 12 singles released, most I produced, I paint, train in every form of martial arts, I remodeled my entire house, I just learned how to play a harmonica last week, and I play every sport. I crave not only knowledge but also any way to further my being and develop my creative skill sets.

I’m doing the final rewrite of my book, “Nick Hawk’s 100 Kicks in the Ass: A Guide to Gaining Confidence & Reaching Your Full Potential.” I want to motivate people and push them to a place where they’re able to live fulfilled lives. If you’re not operating at your highest level, you’re selling yourself short and making your life harder and a lot less entertaining.

A big part of this is exploring new hobbies, not saying the word “no” or “I can’t” and being creative. There is no such thing as talent. We are all able to create amazing things and do great things if you’re willing to put in some work.


Now about that big decision. I was at a point in my life where I had a lot going for me. I had a successful business, I knew most of Hollywood, the casting directors, I perfected my acting craft, and every time I auditioned, I was getting a callback. I was finally confident, happy, successful and ready to nail a huge role, then along comes Garren James with, a companion agency catering to women.


Then shortly thereafter, a TV show called GIGOLOS. Hooray! A starring role in an original Showtime series. But, wait, it’s an “adult-themed show?” And reality?! And it films in Las Vegas?! It was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.


I’m always down to try something new, I could expand, with a Las Vegas division, generate more gigolo bookings and capitalize on a Nick Hawk-themed sex toy line. I could buy a giant house in Las Vegas for the price of a small condo in Los Angeles and live in the most exciting place in the world. Six years and six seasons of my TV show later, I’ve never been happier or know anyone who lives a more exciting life.

Being on a reality-TV show, unfortunately, isn’t super fulfilling, and they enjoy making me look like a clown, as most reality-TV shows do with their talent. But I made my bed, have zero regrets and really enjoy my life that I’m able to bring much substance and fulfilment to as a companion. Fortunately, the show does make people laugh, so whatever, I guess.

I said from Day 1 that if I’m going to be a part of the show, we’re going to have fun, and we’ve really turned it into a comedy more than anything else. The show just had its highest-rated season, but I think it’s time for me to move on. I’m grateful for the opportunities it presented and the doors it opened, but I no longer feel that I can grow being attached to it, and I don’t see the show growing much more.


I’ve put my heart and soul into it, but I didn’t get it back. Besides filming roughly six weeks a year, I don’t work that much. I took on too many gigolo bookings in the beginning, and it wore me out. I’ll see anyone once but typically only see regulars and only do a few longer appointments every month. It gives me a lot of time to work on my creative projects.

I recently released my music video to my track “We Fight” and my latest track, “No Competition.” I miss Hollywood and auditioning, but I feel like I finally have a home. Before Las Vegas, I moved more times than I had birthdays, and it’s nice to finally be settled.

Nevada is in the middle of all the national parks. I love taking my dirt bikes out to the awesome sand dunes here, and my favorite thing to do is take my wakeboarding boat to Lake Mead. The funny thing is that I feel more at home and blessed here in Las Vegas, the city of sin, than I did growing up in the Midwest going to church every Sunday.


Moving to the largest club scene in the world, I have shied away from the clubs and drinking my brains out until the sun comes up. Luckily, I learned my lesson before arriving here because I’d probably be in trouble. I’ve spent half of my life hungover and realized how much of a waste it was. I’m finally clear-minded and focused.


But I do enjoy going out, socializing and women; luckily my companion job allows me to get my fix. My clients have become my life and inspiration and my favorite people. I don’t think we could ever possibly laugh enough, so when I do go out, I enjoy comedy clubs.

A main income of mine could be Texas Hold’Em Poker if I could sit at a table eight hours a day, but that ain’t happening. I could watch and enjoy just about any musician perform live. I recently performed at The Palms with a live band for the first time to have my biggest childhood dream come true.


If there’s anything I would want to leave behind in this restricted and manipulated world is to think that I had a role in the sexual liberation of our society. It’s the standalone, healthiest activity in which one can participate. I think that it’s sad and pathetic to frown upon it. I think the word “sin” has a new meaning in modern times, and it’s no longer a bad thing!

I’ve taken this role I play as a face of the adult world, and I like to think that I brought something positive and fun to it. With everything I do, I wish to inspire and promote positivity and people standing up to be and express exactly who they are. I wish to crack the shell of religion and ignorance that has trapped people. You are born into this world, then you are created. Create yourself.


You can find more information on me at My music is available everywhere, and all my social media is @thenickhawk.



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