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This Nighthawk is not just a Gigolo

August 26, 2015

Nick Hawk is a gigolo. “Lucky guy,” you say. Well, yes, but the dude has put in work. No man is born a gentleman-stud; his attitude, determination and positive outlook have molded him into the man that women pay to date.


Before the California girls started throwing money at him for his companionship he was just a kid working on a farm in Wisconsin. His work ethic made him excel in the high school sporting arena and then in college, but the humble hunk ran out of tuition funds. He joined the Air Force and used his time served to take advantage of the GI Bill and go back to school. He stripped to pay the bills and during his last year of schooling he founded Explicit Strippers which has since spread to Orange County, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Hawaii and Dallas. The hustler, with his prolific dating and overall life experiences, then made the jump from Magic Nick to male escort and has entertained countless dates and viewers of Showtime’s Gigolos.


“When the show approached me I was breaking into acting and my manager, who is an agent, told me, ‘You don’t want to do reality or adult TV,’” Hawk says. Though Gigolos is the perfect storm of both, Hawk signed on. “The show really allowed me to be myself—this is who I am in my life and with clients, in any situation I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not.”

Because he wanted to accurately project himself on Showtime, before he started filming he got inked up. “I wanted tattoos my whole life so I started going to the tattoo shop once a week before taping,” Hawk says. His main tattoo, located on a large percentage of my body, including his left arm, chest, and penis, “yes, on my penis” is a Symbiote. “It’s an alien creature from comic books that attaches to you. The creature doesn’t always have the best intentions; it brings out your dark side and makes you not care as much.”

He thinks that his best tattoo is the dragon which was tattooed by Ink Master Joey Hamilton at Revolt Tattoos in Las Vegas.


As he has grown as a person so have his tattoos, including the addition of color. “When the show started I didn’t know what direction my life was heading which is represented by the dark, dealing with the adult industry can take you to a dark place,” Hawk says. “Tattoos should evolve with you and the color looks brighter so it serves as a metaphor for where I am now.”


He plans on getting 50 percent of his body tattooed so that he is a walking yin and yang. His next pieces are mantra tattooes such as “Love thy enemy,” “Fight” and “I come in peace.”

Speaking of coming, getting down to it, Hawk will only have sex with a client if they have a connection. “When we were younger, if you took a girl home and scored—you won,” he says. “Now I don’t have meaningless sex anymore.”


His turn-ons are success, style and sexiness. “Being aroused isn’t that big of a challenge as I am a very sexual person,” Hawk says. “Just thinking about sex on the way to a client who I have a connection with turns me on. I like boobs and a warm vagina.”

His money-maker is a money-maker, his line of sex toys features a dildo cast from his own dick.


“It is pretty cool to think that my molded penis is in some woman right now,” Hawk says. “I think it would be funny to do a DP with my dildo and my own dick.”


As per his big tip with the ladies (other than stay the fuck off your phone during a date) is: Be your confident self. While that may be easy for the sex god who has written a book and is finishing up another while also wrapping up a rap album to say, he’s right.


Hawk is a champion of the individual. “Myself and Gigolos have opened up society’s view on sexual freedom, and I hope to also open people’s views on tattoos, freedom of expression and individuality. I love how we’re evolving, becoming a more open, independent society. We are being more creative in our lives and tattoos are not being negatively thought of but are being more accepted as expression.”


Separating Hawk from his working life as a male companion you might wonder if he will ever settle down with one woman. “I am open to it,” he says. “If I ever find that special woman she would have to be okay with what I do.” So how long he will be in the business? “Forever, the other day I was talking to a 92 year-old gigolo.

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