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Soon after payment is made you will be contacted to schedule. Each additional 15 minutes is $33. Send extra money to PayPal:


These Skypes started as Confidence building exercises but they have become much more than that. Confidence comes with being woke. Once you begin to see how programmed and weak you are, you will do everything you can to unplug and be free. You must take care of yourself and operate at high levels to begin the journey. The average brain isn't capable or designed by this world to even begin to understand the journey. I will help you begin it and if you are able to absorb what I tell you, I will turn you into a very powerful being.

Skype Rules:

1 - You may not ask me to change any part of what I do and how I talk to you, tell me no or "fight" with me. I welcome being challenged.

2 - You may not bore me.

3. You must grow, evolve and change every Skype.

4. You must be completely free from distractions.

5. You are not allowed to say you are sorry, stressed, anything is hard, say that you are trying or make excuses.

6. You may take your time with your response but you are not allowed to speak a programmed, senseless or unformulated response.

7. You must be on point, focused and have a good attitude.

8. You may scream and cry; I've yet to have a client not.

For the first failed rule break you will be warned and fined one minute; you will use this time to reflect.

For the second failed rule break you will be warned and fined five minutes; you will use this time to reflect.

For the third failed rule break the session will end and you will not be refunded.

You must be reading or have read my book before we Skype. If I feel you're not absorbing our sessions and you continue to break the rules, you may be told to go climb some mountains for an extended period of time in which you may not Skype me. These Skypes are not worth my time unless I'm seeing major improvements and commitments.

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